Sunday, July 31, 2005

SophStar and SmedleyKins go international

and sample the local delights of Mcdonalds... yum.
So I've arrived feeling quite wasted due to lack of sleep but luckily Mr SmedleyKins knows what to do - we go shopping (hurrah!) Though this only happens because Matt quickly informs me after unpacking that everything I bought with me is inappropriate for India so I have to pick up some long sleaved, high neck tops to see me through the first few days.
Next stop The Leela Palace for champagne brunch. The food looks amazing and the suroundings are beautiful but having already eaten I choose to sip champagne and try and act like I was born to frequent these sorts of places. I do quite well until I stagger out of there about 3pm to be put in a car with Matt who kindly takes me home to catch up on that sleep I was sorely missing.
I had the McPizzaPie and the McVeggie, Matt has nothing (incase you were wondering.)


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