Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bucks fizz at 6am

July 31st - M-day (Matt day!)
Boolie collected me at 6am after a rather heavy night for me... went for a few drinks after work friday (trying to put off the cleaning) and stayed up late with Mads drinking red wine. BIG MISTAKE. I'd put my hair dye on just before Mads called round - hour and a half later it's not chocolate brown but the most awful shade of black! But it's not all bad news...Mads has my back door key and is doing my cleaning for me whilst I'm away :D
When we dropped Robin & Matt at the airport at 7am 2 months earlier it was dead. When I arrived at 7am 2 months later you would not believe the amount of people there. I couldn't spot my flight on the board and then heard an announcement for my flight directing me to the ticket sales counter imediately - oh dear. I panicked (as any self respecting emotional reck would) but when I got there a kind lady told me they were swapping my flights so I'd get the delayed 7:20 flight rather than the scheduled 8:20. Hurrah!! I joined a HUGE que and made a few new friends when a not so nice lady told everyone the flight was fully booked, we'd have to join the regular que again. (I say regular - this que was about the length of the great wall of china). I make many friends along the way including 2 old dears heading for a week long hiking trip to Zurich (they were about 70) when I offered to pull their suitcases whilst they headed for the newspaper stand, the toilet, and anywhere else they fancied. So four suitcases and 40 mins later I arrived at the head of the que to be sent to the ticket sales desk again.
I arrive slightly tearful (ok hysterical) hand over my passport and tickets and look expectantly at the woman hoping she can solve my problems. I realised by the look on her face that my problems had only just begun. the 8:20 flight went tech so the next flight she could get me on was the 9:25 meaning I'd miss my connection to Mumbi and my beloved SmedleyKins. much hu-har later I'm booked on a flight to london with my connecting flight scheduled for 13:40 to Channai. CHANNAI?? Yes I arrive in Channai (?!) at 3:55am Indian time (about midnight UK time) my next flight to Bangalore is at 6:15ish finally arriving in my lovers arms at 7:05am. I franticly call Matt in the hopes I've caught him before he checks in for his flight to Mumbi, the original meeting place and I have!
At 10am I board my first flight to the cheers and aplause of my fellow que buddies all glad to see me on my way, terrified but heartned by the generousity of strangers.
Customer services desk in terminal 4 is where I meet the man I would marry if it weren't for the fact I'm already engaged. We shall call him MIWM from here on in. MIWM successfully manages to translate my sobs into english to check me in and give me detailed instructions on what to do next. He asks if I have a preference for where I'm sitting. ANYWHERE as long as it's not a window seat. I later discover he's not as good at translating sobs into Engligh as I board the plane and find myself in a window seat. However, i shall forgive MIWM because he's also got me upgraded to Traveller plus!! All turns out well in the end as the man next to me is more than happy to swap my window for his aisle - yippee! We automatically became firm friends because of this... at least we were until I spilt water on him, woke him up, and kept accidentally touching him (Indian men aren't meant to touch women).
10hours, much sobbing, no sleep, 3 movies later and I hit Indian soil! Now to collect my bag. 2hours, much pushing and shoving, much sobbing later I'm on the last plane to Bangalore, joy of joys this one is only 30mins long. 7:05 exactly we hit the tarmac and in 10 mins later I've got my bags, freshened up and can see Mr SmedleyKins!!!!
It's not like in the movies... we smile politely and giggle (no touching going on at all - got more action with the guy on the Channai flight frankly). Once checked in and alone in the appartment we drop our reserve and for the first time in 2 months we hold on close to each other.


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