Friday, August 05, 2005

Velu the friendly neighbourhood palmist

In the back streets of Bangalore sits an un-assuming house that is home to The Great Velu, palmist extraordinare!
Without much pomp or ceremoney he launched straight into the attack, sorry, reading.... "You are not putting any effort into life".... "you need glasses".... "your top is too low cut".... Ok he didn't say the last one but I could tell that's what he was thinking. General points of mention are as follows:

  1. I will own property
  2. I will life a long life
  3. I have good digestion
  4. I will marry Matt and live happily ever after
  5. I will have no children
  6. I will be a great house wife
  7. I was a sickly child
  8. I have over come great struggles in my relationships but all that is over.
  9. I will have one child
  10. I am a free spirit
  11. I am very traditional
  12. I like to have the ideas but don't like putting them into practise, I'd rather someone else did that.
  13. I will have health problems later in life but I will over come them.
  14. I will have two children, both girls.

All in all not worth the 500ir but I got off better than Katie who is getting cancer at about 40 or 50, and Hannah who numerically speaking has a first name that is bad news. She is currently debating if it's best to drop the last h or remove one of the middle n's.

I later found out our driver, the illustrious Kumar, can read palms too.... and I'm having one child... a boy. bugger.


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